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The tech industry requires constant innovation. So HR needs to be a transformational leader to maintain their competitive advantage.


Financial Services organizations are working hard to adapt to attract the right skilled employees and retain top talent.


With so much employee turnover, retail organizations are struggling to fill the gaps.


Every successful construction project is dependent on the HR department, so it is critical that HR staff is aware of the potential problems and special requirements—and knows how to manage them.

Professional Services

Professional Services is all about people.  The past few years have made the challenge of growing and strengthening a professional service workforce increasingly difficult.

Contact Centers

Contact centers are the front line of customer service and the main representation of a company’s brand.  Having the right people in place and controlling turnover are critical for success.

Industrial & Defense

In addition to attracting enough skilled talent, organizations in these areas are challenged to engage and retain a highly skilled workforce in the face of growing global competition. 

  • See the industrial & defense case study.


Healthcare has always been challenged with staffing but the past few years have placed immense strains on an already difficult situation.  Additional efforts to retain staff and avoid burnout and turnover are key to long term success.


In Pharma, skill shortages are contributing to salary increases, which in turn are posing retention problems to HR. Employee attrition is a significant challenge, and loss of critical resources can place projects in jeopardy.

Consumer Products

Attracting and retaining the best talent has always been the challenge in the Consumer Products space.  Talent shortages and increased competition for the same talent has made that harder than ever before.

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