The Issue

The Call Center was experiencing high turnover rates and low performance across their customer service representative teams.

Original Strategy

The call centre had a small number of customer service representatives working for them that were consistently way outperforming the rest of the team. In order to duplicate those representatives, we needed to understand what exactly it was about them that made them more successful in the role than everyone else. We worked with the call centre to profile these few top performers and build a success profile for the role that they could use to compare all future potential candidates to. Moving forward, the hiring managers of the call centre only hired candidates that most closely matched the new custom success profile and as a result gained employees that had the traits that made them the most likely to succeed.

A new approach with Career Spark

Turnover: The call center saw a 20% drop in turnover of customer service reps in the first three months.

Performance: The Career Spark success profiles helped them recruit 4 times more high performers and 4 times fewer poor performers.

Efficiency: The call center was able to save 10.5 hours of work per hire, bringing massive efficiencies to the whole system.

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