Career Spark’s Predictive People Platform

Predict which people will perform better and stay longer BEFORE moving them to a new role or even before hiring them.

Predictive Career Pathing

Empower employees to discover the right careers in your organization.

  • Reveal unique roles

  • Make it about what you know, not who you know

  • Retain your best

  • Personalized Career Paths

Predictive Talent Acquisition

Attract and hire the people who will succeed, faster.

  • Identify the Highest Potential Candidates

  • Transform the Candidate Experience

  • Customized Insights & Interview Questions

  • Direct Candidates to the roles that are best for them (and you)

Predictive Employee Development

Deliver unique development for each employee.

  • Easily Customize Development

  • Energize Your Teams

  • Future Proof Your People

  • Help Your Managers to Develop Their People

Predictive Workforce Planning

Understand what capabilities exist for today and for the future.

  • Predict Successful Teams

  • Build Flexibility and Resiliency

  • Assess your Workforce

  • Decide with the Right Data

Predictive Internal Mobility

Find the right next opportunity for each of your employees.

  • Match for Success

  • Search for the Right Talent

  • Find Diamonds in the Rough

  • Your People Perform Better

Predictive Upskilling & Reskilling

Support meaningful employee growth and adaptability.

  • Prioritize the Right Skills

  • Match up individual and organizational goals

  • Democratize Access

  • Reskilling for the Future

“Career Spark has significantly improved our ability to identify top talent, resulting in a diverse and inclusive workforce with innovative and entrepreneurial traits.”

Scott Grant

Global Talent Acquisition Leader – Crowe

What sets Career Spark solutions apart?

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your existing HRIS, ATS and LMS.

Data security (SOC2 Type II & GDPR compliance)

Dedicated Support

Dedicated customer support & change management assistance

Multi-language support


Scientifically proven to be unbiased to help deliver diversity, equity and inclusion.

Fully Customized

Customized for each employee and for each role in your organization.

Culture & Fit

Goes beyond just skills to also include science around your culture and fit.


Quick and easy to use by your team as well as candidates and employees.

We have experience in your industry

Career Spark was designed to be fully customizable to the unique needs of different industries, roles and organizations.