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Why Career Spark

It’s time to rethink the status quo

People decisions have historically been subjective, opinion-driven and  non-predictive – based on limited, rear-facing information – resulting in a lack of diversity and reduced innovation, and weaker outcomes. It’s time for change.

70% of people are in the wrong job.

Yes, you read that right. 70% – It’s a massive problem that is affecting companies on a global scale – creating painful and costly consequences for businesses, leaders, employees, and candidates.


Unfortunately, most people decisions today are made based solely on what people have done and on way too much opinion.

It’s time to stop putting band-aids on the pain points and start actually fixing the core issue by getting the right people into the right jobs.

So we built a solution

Career Spark is a Predictive People Platform that predicts success by leveraging science and data analytics.

No more just relying on someone’s opinion and no more having to make your most important people or career decisions based only on limited data or gut feelings…The system analyzes your best people in a particular role and then compares them to everyone else in the same role to define what is actually driving success.

The Career Spark platform helps companies answer critical people questions now as well as build the workforce of the future.

Here’s how it works

The Career Spark platform is grounded in science and data analytics. Our system uses multiple data sets divided into 2 key metrics:
  1. Data about what people have done in their work life: skills, education and experience
  2. A patented survey based on a revolutionary approach to psychometrics

Our Predictive People Platform leans on your top performers to define success for use throughout the employee lifecycle and then continuously learns to optimize results and predictions over time as more results are fed into the platform.

What can the platform do?

EMPOWER employees to have a visible career pathway within their organization.

ENABLE leaders to make better decisions for career pathing, building strong teams and hiring.

PROVIDE leaders with a clear understanding of what’s driving the success of their top performers so that they can provide learning and development for the rest of their teams.

But is it easy to use?

While building the system and proving it worked took significant time and effort, we were equally focused on making it easy for users. The reality is that is has to be predictive AND easy to use, or it won’t be used. So we packaged it all up in an easy to use, intuitive, interface that enables widespread usage for both your employees and your leaders.

People Decisions Are Challenging.

But they don’t have to be.

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