Losing Top Performers?

Are too many of your best people leaving? Lack of career development a major reason?

We have the solution.

Show Your Employees You Care

You want your employees to stay and be successful long term but you’re very busy and don’t always have the time or ability to show them that they’re valued and that you are thinking about their career success.

Our Career Spark Development Reports are a fast, easy way to demonstrate that you care about your employees’ future.

Development Guide

The Career Spark Development Guide helps leaders at any level learn how to make the most of their talent, lead others to success and create a thriving culture for their organization.

Give your employees personalized, science-based feedback around their core strengths and opportunities to drive their ongoing development.

Self Serve and Manager Guided Reports

Each Career Spark Employee Development Guide includes two reports:

A Personal Feedback Report for employees that will help them learn about their key strengths, understand their work styles and discover the key elements to help them be more successful.

A Development Report for you or your leaders that provides coaching around strengths and opportunities for ongoing development.

What you’re giving your employees

  • Learn about their top traits
  • Discover unique insights about themselves
  • A review of their strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Behaviors to encourage and to avoid
  • A personalized action plan for their development

Here’s how it works

  1. Send us a list of employees that you’d like to provide the report to.

  2. Your employees will receive an email from us, inviting them to complete a 6-8 minute scientific survey.

  3. Once they have completed the survey, they will instantly receive their top traits and a personal feedback report and we will send you their Development Guide and Personal Feedback report which you can review with them.

Simple and effective!


1-99 Employees

$50per employee

100-500 Employees

$40per employee

500+ Employees

  • Contact us for custom pricing tailored to your organization.