The Issue

A large accounting and consulting firm was experiencing high turnover rates and low job performance among a large percentage of their administration teams.

Original Strategy

The company had been using traditional methods of hiring, including relying on resumes and interviews to find the people they were looking for however they noticed a consistent trend that many of their hires were not performing nearly as well as they expected. In order to resolve this, the HR team began increasing the number of interviews each candidate had to go through in hopes that the hiring team would be able dig deeper into the experience and qualifications of each candidate and as a result be able to find and hire better people.

Unfortunately, this approach meant a substantial increase in the number of valuable hours that needed to be invested into the hiring process – and even with all the extra time spent with candidates, it was still not resulting in any better people performance results. They reached out to Career Spark to see if we could help them with a new solution.

A new approach with Career Spark

They implemented the Career Spark method at the front end of their application and hiring process to accurately compare candidates against the benchmark success profiles of the specific roles they were applying to. Providing insight, accuracy and the ability to actually predict how well a candidate would perform in the role, before they even hired the

Their original strategy was to hire based on just experience or to recruit recent graduates and hoped they would be a good fit. With that strategy, they were able to find and hire the people with the correct credentials but met frustration when many of their hires ended up demonstrating that they did not possess all the vital character traits needed to provide premium patient care. (ie. Stress tolerance, compassion, good bedside manner)

A new approach with Career Spark

Efficiency: 8.25 hours were saved per every new hire

Performance: They saw a 20% increase in the number of employees rated as high performers in year one of all newly hired employees.

Cost Savings: $1100.00 per hire was saved by using Career Spark.





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