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Modern technology is helping streamline hiring processes to an extent,  but keeping your top performers at your company, employee engagement and effective career-pathing can be a daunting challenge. Below is a guide for making recruiting and retaining as straightforward and efficient as possible.

Get the Word Out

After deciding what position to fill and creating the job description, it’s time to let the world know about it. Getting the word out about your job posting can be hard, especially if you’re a small business. Using websites like Indeed, LinkedIn and Resume-Library can help increase visibility and applicants. These websites expose your job opening to thousands, if not millions, of applicants. If you still aren’t receiving enough interest, some of them even allow you, as the company or recruiter, to reach out to potential applicants and encourage them to apply.


The next step in the process would be to interview candidates for the position. This step can be time-consuming, so utilizing a video interviewing platform is key to minimizing the amount of time spent interviewing. Online interviewing platforms also allow for more candidates to be interviewed, ensuring that you aren’t missing any potential hires. Spark Hire offers a full suite of online interview products, from video conferencing, to live-messaging, to one-way interviews.

Put your people in the jobs they will be most successful in.

Choosing the right person for the job is arguably the most important step in retaining them. In fact, 70% of people are placed in the wrong job; which leads to disengagement, turnover, and ultimately monetary loss for your company. Utilizing fact-based, advanced data-driven technology to better predict who the best fit for the position both internally and externally can be tremendously impactful on who you choose, and how you manage your current employees from an internal mobility perspective. Career Spark’s SAAS-based Smart System is a revolutionary career-pathing and employee engagement platform that predicts the likelihood of employees being successful and staying longer – based on how they compare to an organization’s own top performers.

Group Recognition

An important aspect of recognition is allowing employees of all levels to recognize whoever they want: those above them, below them, and even sitting right next to them. Allowing employees to recognize each other boosts morale and engagement. Paul Pellman, the CEO of Kazoo, a recognition software company, recently said: “We see recognition as positive feedback and when you attach a core value to a piece of recognition it helps everyone see what your company core values look like in action.” Recognizing good behaviors give more meaning to your organization’s core values, and software like Kazoo’s enables those who aren’t managers or leaders to recognize their own colleagues, meaning everyone is responsible for the overall culture of teamwork and support.

Personal Recognition

Top performers need recognition so they know what they’re doing right, and to keep doing it. Recognition also increases feelings of meaningfulness at work and a feeling of belonging.  Lastly, recognizing those who are performing well shows other employees what a job well-done looks like, and encourages them to do the same. Though an email might be convenient, creating a physical note is more endearing. Try utilizing a print fulfillment company to print custom thank you notes as a way to recognize your top performers.

Recruit & Retain

Though recruitment is the first step in this process, retaining those employees is arguably more important. So make sure to reward a job well done and don’t put off those thank you notes!

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