How the Right Predictive Analytics Can Improve Hiring

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How the Right Predictive Analytics Can Improve Hiring

Finding and retaining the best talent is complicated and can feel like constant guesswork. You have to review, narrow down, and select the best applicants among a pool of many seemingly qualified candidates, which is stressful. How can you know you are choosing the best contender for the role and your organization?

What’s more, the onboarding process is always a gamble. When you invest in new employees for your organization, you hope you’ve made the best decision in selecting the best candidates. You also want to ensure that they will actually be the right fit in the role you’ve put them in and stay for the long haul. If only you could peek into the future and find out! Here is how the right predictive analytics can improve hiring.

Finding the Best Candidate

Nothing is more time-consuming for a leader, Talent Acquisition team, or HR leader than combing through every applicant’s resume. Before you begin the painstaking work, our software can filter through every application and narrow your list down to the very best candidates. Through advanced behavioral science, our predictive platform does this not just based on candidates’ qualifications on their resumes, but also on who they are as people. This is how the right predictive analytics can improve hiring. With this part streamlined, you and your teams can drastically decrease the number of hours spent in the hiring process, avoid bad hires, and significantly improve the likelihood of hiring the best talent.

Reduce Employee Turnover

You might have heard of the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation, wherein droves of workers are leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates. Hiring candidates with this in mind is now more critical than ever, as a bad hire can cost the company thousands. When you work with us at Career Spark, we will use our predictive hiring software to find the bests applicants with the least likelihood of resigning. When you have this valuable information at hand, you will feel much more secure in your chosen candidates.

Predict Employee Performance

When you hire someone new, you invest in their capabilities to perform up to business standards. Better than a crystal ball, predictive analytics will calculate how well a potential candidate will fit into a role. Moreover, the predictive software can also compute a candidate’s fit into any role across your entire organization. You may find a candidate or an employee applying for an internal role who is actually much better suited for another position at your company than the specific one for which they applied.

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