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Career Pathing Software

Empower employees to discover the right careers in your organization.

Empower your employees to take control of their own careers.

We work in your industry.

Drive meaningful business results.

Reduce Turnover
Improve performance
Shorten time to hire
Boost employee engagement
Increase diversity and inclusion

Career Pathing Software

Career pathing software is one of the things that makes Career Spark unique. For starters, our career pathing for employees allows individuals to have a clear view of their career future at your organization. One reason companies often have such low retention rates is that people don’t realize there are internal growth opportunities where they’re currently working. That’s where our career pathing software is transformational. By identifying career pathing opportunities and offering personalized career paths, we aim to empower and retain as many workers as possible. Enable your leaders to make better decisions for career pathing and building strong teams.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


3,250,000 people have experienced the Career Spark platform


We use over 370 trillion of predictive data points


68-82% predictive in selecting top performers

Successfully on-boarding employees during a pandemic.

April 7, 2020|

Like many businesses that are able to do so, we made the decision to have all of our employees transition to working remotely. We’re a data-based company, and the data shows that it’s crucial to flatten the curve of the COVID‑19 pandemic. It, of course, has come with new challenges, but everyone has made the necessary adjustments to keep our business moving forward, and our clients supported. We wanted to share some learnings that might be helpful for you and your employees as you’re also navigating this new unprecedented time.

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